Everyone Media Group Launches EV Unleashed

EV Unleashed is a new site for the latest electric vehicle news, reviews, and guides

Seattle, WA — Everyone Media Group launched EV Unleashed, a new electric vehicle resource that aims to share the latest news, in-depth reviews, and buying guides through trusted information.

EV Unleashed is a free resource that will feature expert-backed guides, the latest electric vehicle news, tested comparisons, and reviews to help buyers make informed decisions.

With the automotive future being electric, EV Unleashed will also address the benefits and drawbacks, teach the best practices for maintaining an electric vehicle, and share the latest incentives.

“Governments across the globe have introduced goals and regulations for a transition to electric vehicles in a rather quick manner. Automotive companies, old and new, are investing time, energy, and resources into producing lower-cost and more efficient electric vehicles.,” said David Em, CEO of Everyone Media Group and editor in chief of EV Unleashed. “The EV Unleashed launch provides people with everything they need to compare, review, and learn about electric vehicles.”

EV Unleashed is the latest offering from Everyone Media Group with a mission to inform, entertain, inspire, and accelerate the shift to electric vehicles.

For more information, visit EV Unleashed.

About EV Unleashed

EV Unleashed offers the latest electric vehicle news, reviews, and expert-backed buying guides aimed to inform and inspire consumers with an interest in electric vehicles. For more information, visit EV Unleashed.

About Everyone Media Group

Everyone Media Group, through its portfolio of digital brands and businesses, is dedicated to providing value, inspiring, and informing consumers. Our portfolio of brands includes EV Unleashed, Next Level Gents, Hello E-Bikes, Portraits Refined, as well as several other brands. For more information, visit Everyone Media Group.

Media Contact:
David Em
Founder and CEO, Everyone Media Group
[email protected]